Hello yes, it is 4am and I’m finally going to bed after getting drunk at a bar on a Tuesday night. Hell yeah I’m an adult, do what I want.
I also garbage dived lol, got a lot of good stuff

  • me: [gently touches the sleeping cat]
  • cat: [makes a tiny cat noise]
  • me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ohh noo ohhhhh nooooooo oh no oh nooooo oh my god oh noooo



Why did Cinderella’s shoe fall off if it was such a perfect fit?

*Universe shreds itself apart*

Blasting Linkin Park while I clean house in preparation for concert on Thursday~

Oh my god please pray for my mom her favorite character in FMA is Maes Hughes and we're getting up to that part


omg no

anything but hughes

hughes is a terrible character to fall in love with

it’s gonna rip her heart out

Track Title: pepsi still sucks






holy shit it’s August wtf 

time flies when you’re wasting it on the internet i guess


someone should write Legal Drug fanfiction

*rolls away*

Read, Kiss, or Oops! Nice to know you're focusing at work :D lol

Last book I read: Unsouled by Neal Shusterman

Who’s my biggest celebrity crush: Guh… probably still Ewan McGregor xD

One thing I’d like to change/fix: Choosing a different transfer college. I’m so upset with the choice I made and it’s too late to find another school now.